A note about Yelp reviews, October 2014

As of this writing, Yelp displays only 3 reviews for our store, with a 2.5-star average. There are an additional 8 genuine reviews that are “not currently recommended” by Yelp, which are not shown unless you click the small gray text under the other reviews and are not calculated into the “average rating” displayed on the main Yelp page. The average of these 8 reviews is 4.375 stars (5 of the 8 hidden reviews are 5-stars, two are 4-stars, and one is 2-stars). Yelp uses software to figure out which reviews to display, and unfortunately their software has skewed our displayed average review terribly. Honestly, we’re really bummed that these reviews are hidden and not counted, because if you read them you can see that they are legitimate customers who we work so hard to serve well, and then their input is hidden.


To give some context, on our Facebook page, our more than 2,500 fans have given us 127 ratings with an average of 4.6 stars (out of all 127 ratings, there is only one 1-star and one 2-star rating). On our Google page, there are 7 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars. So, we hope you can look at the big picture and know that while we are not a perfect 5-star company for everyone, on average our customers are very satisfied.


The algorithm that Yelp uses to determine which reviews to display is largely very secretive, but looks at things such as how many friends a reviewer has on Yelp, how many other reviews they’ve left, how recently they’ve been active on Yelp, whether they have a profile picture or not, etc. ┬áSo, that being said, if you are a user of Yelp and appreciate our store, we would sure appreciate you leaving us a review! Maybe Yelp will even show your review instead of hiding it under “not recommended”! :)


We always appreciate your feedback, positive or negative, to feedback@davessports.com. Thanks!

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