A word on ammunition availability


As most of you know, ammunition supply has been extremely limited nationwide for many months.  We’ve done our best to keep as much stock as possible.  The good news is, as we head into Fall, there is a little bit of improvement.  And, for hunters, the good news is that most hunting rifle calibers are not among the hardest-to-get.  The bad news is, general supply is not expected to improve for another 9 months or so — and that’s if there’s no major surge in demand between now and then.\


We are maintaining a “Wait List” of who to call as shipments come in — so if you’re not already on the list for your needed caliber(s), give us a call at (360) 354-5591 to get on the list.


Come by or give us a call to see if we have your caliber and preferred hunting load in stock.  And, this year — rather than buying a box to sight-in and counting on more of that same load being available the day before you leave on your hunt — be sure to buy enough of the load you’re sighting in to last you through the range and the hunt!


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